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Welcome to Marysville


Marysville, the county seat of Yuba County, is one of California's historic cities. It's history as a community goes back to the Gold Rush days. The city is strategically located 40 miles north of the state capitol of Sacramento where Highways 70 and 20 intersect. It is served by two railroad lines, two highways, a regional airport, a public bus line, and is the center of a broad agricultural and outdoor recreation area.

Marysville is home to the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox, a community based, professionally run summer collegiate baseball team, and is the host for the Horizon Air Summer Series, a season long competition among a select number of summer collegiate teams.

Marysville, along with Yuba City (it's neighbor across the Feather River) has long been one of the leading agribusiness centers of California. Other business comes from retail sales, manufacturing, rice farming, stock raising and mining. Beale Air Force Base (to the east) also contributes significantly to the community's economy. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, golf, tennis and many other sports in Marysville and the nearby countryside and mountains.


The safety and appearance of our neighborhoods are important to all of us. The City is committed to doing all we can to encourage residents and businesses to remove unsightly and unsafe conditions.

The City is continuing to resolve blight and nuisance conditions in residential and commercial districts alike. If you see abandoned and derelict buildings, visible trash on properties, or inoperative or wrecked vehicles, please call our tip line at 749-3948 and leave a message.  City staff will work to resolve the issue.


Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan

The City of Marysville is seeking input from residents to guide the development of a new Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. All Marysville residents are invited to offer comments on what problems there are with traveling around the city by foot or on bicycles, or what improvements they would like to see by visiting the project website.  Additional project documents will be posted there as they are developed.  

Residents or visitors are encouraged to take a survey that will provide information helpful in developing the bicycle/pedestrian master plan.  The survey can be access here or on the project website,


New Sign Ordinance 

The City Council has adopted a new sign ordinance that will take effect May 7, 2015.  This ordinance would govern all signs except those within the public right-of-way.  This would especially affect businesses and non-residential properties.  You can download the sign ordinance here, or view a copy at the City Services Department in City Hall.