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Welcome to Marysville


Marysville, the county seat of Yuba County, is one of California's historic cities. It's history as a community goes back to the Gold Rush days. The city is strategically located 40 miles north of the state capitol of Sacramento where Highways 70 and 20 intersect. It is served by two railroad lines, two highways, a regional airport, a public bus line, and is the center of a broad agricultural and outdoor recreation area.

Marysville is home to the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox, a community based, professionally run summer collegiate baseball team, and is the host for the Horizon Air Summer Series, a season long competition among a select number of summer collegiate teams.

Marysville, along with Yuba City (it's neighbor across the Feather River) has long been one of the leading agribusiness centers of California. Other business comes from retail sales, manufacturing, rice farming, stock raising and mining. Beale Air Force Base (to the east) also contributes significantly to the community's economy. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, golf, tennis and many other sports in Marysville and the nearby countryside and mountains.


New Sign Ordinance 

The City Council will be considering adoption of a new sign ordinance at its April 7, 2015 regular meeting.  This ordinance would govern all signs except those within the public right-of-way.  This would especially affect businesses and non-residential properties.  The meeting will be at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 526 C Street, Marysville.  If adopted, the new ordinance would take effect 30 days after adoption.  Interested parties may download the draft sign ordinance, or view a copy at the City Services Department in City Hall.


Master Plan

The City has recently received a grant from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments to develop a master plan that would address the ease of movement of pedestrians and bicyclists within and through the City.  This master plan will also consider the connectivity of pedestrian and bicycle traffic with the surrounding areas of Yuba County and Yuba City.  The City has selected a consultant to develop the plan.  The next steps will include input from the community and groups that have specific interests in this project.  For additional information, contact Marysville City Services.