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Measure C Renewal Information and Reports

Potential Renewal of Measure C will continue Funding Police, Fire & Streets without raising Taxes.


In 2016, Marysville voters approved Measure C, a measure that raised the local sales tax by one cent. Measure C was to be used to:

  • Hire more Police Officers

  • Increase neighborhood patrols

  • Reduce 911 response times

  • Fire safety and emergency response services

  • Street and sidewalk repairs

  • Reducing debt and rebuilding financial reserves

For nearly eight years, the City of Marysville has invested the revenue generated by Measure C back into the community – hiring more Police Officers and increasing neighborhood patrols; ensuring our Fire Department is properly prepared and staffed for emergencies; and beginning to repair our local streets and sidewalks.

By keeping our City safe, clean, and well-maintained, Measure C helps protect our property values and help keep Marysville a special place to live.

Measure C is set to expire in 2026.


To continue funding for essential city services, the City of Marysville is considering a measure on the November 2024 ballot to renew this source of funding at the current rate - without raising taxes. It would simply extend the one cent funding previously approved by voters.


Renewing Measure C will allow Marysville to:

  • Maintain Marysville Police Department’s neighborhood patrols

  • Continue to provide quick responses to 9-1-1 emergencies, fires, and EMT services

  • Fix potholes, maintain city streets, sidewalks

Information About Measure C

Measure C Survey Open until May 24, 2024

Measure C Annual Reports

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