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Community Sponsorship

The City of Marysville recognizes the importance of providing support for community programs or events that are held for the following purposes:
• Support of non-profit organizations serving Marysville residents/community;
• Cultural, athletic and educational enrichment;
• Promotion of the City of Marysville

The City of Marysville provides limited assistance, through in-kind sponsorships or monetary funding, to local organizations in support of community programs or events that are consistent with the goals and mission of the City and that serve a public purpose.

City sponsorship reflects support of specific programs or events by an organization. The intent is that the public will receive some intrinsic cultural, economic, educational, or entertainment value from the event.

City Council shall allow the budgeted amount for Community Sponsorships to reach as many Non-Governmental Organizations as possible with a maximum funding request of $1,500. The amount disbursed to the requesting organization will be determined by Council (amount disbursed could be less than the requested amount). 


Read the full policy...

Applications are accepted annually for the fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th of every year) and due by March 31st.

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